2018 auditions will take place on June 23 and 24. Students are strongly advised to keep their schedules open on these days.

Prior to attending Jazz Camp, students who have been admitted to the program will participate in live Placement Auditions. After auditioning, students are organized into two levels, either Intermediate or Advanced, for most camp segments. Placement is based on level of musical proficiency and student interest in particular styles of jazz (not on age).

Auditions give us a sense of how each Jazz Camp participant plays, so that we can make the best choice of what level of instruction will be most beneficial to them. It also enables us to gain a sense of each participant's musical style so that we can place them in the particular student ensemble that will best bring out their own talent and abilities. Placement auditions are not graded.

Placement Auditions take place on the Saturday and Sunday preceding the first day of instruction of the camp. Each individual audition lasts approximately 5-10 minutes. Specific audition times will be sent to Jazz Camp enrollees 7-10 days before the date of the auditions.

Because students focus on different styles of improvising in their playing, we offer two different audition options. Both options involve one pre-prepared work of the student's choice and one piece chosen by the auditioning panel.

These are not solo performances; in all cases, the student will perform together with a rhythm section (piano, bass, drums) of Jazz Camp faculty members or other professional musicians.

Option 1 (strongly recommended):

Option 2:

Please come prepared with one piece or improvisation of your choice; don't just repeat the melody, but be ready to improvise a chorus or two of soloing. You may practice improvising by sight-reading works or reworking pieces you are familiar with, and by experimenting with improvisations until you get a sense of how you like to improvise.

Auditions will be judged on several criteria